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Electrical Protection Products For Every Market

Electricity serves us silently until something goes wrong, then it can be dangerous and deadly.  Our extensive line of electrical safety products ensures protection form dangerous current leakage that can cause electrical shock and possible electrocution. Our patented technologies enable you to protect people, property and equipment.


Shock Shield®

TRC Shock Shield products are every day electrical safety devices for use at home, the office, on construction sites or wherever people use portable electrical equipment in wet locations.  These devices are required to be used throughout the USA in accordance with the following nationally accepted regulations:

  • NEC (2008) Article 590.6 Temporary Installations
  • OSHA Standard for General Industry, 29 CFR, 1910 Subpart S
  • OSHA Standard for Construction Industry, 29 CFR, 1926.404(b)
  • UL 943

Shock Shield products also meet Canadian Standard CSA CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 144.1-06

The Shock Shield HD-PRO series provides heavy duty ground fault protection for high current, rugged environments.  Available in 120V/30A single phase to 600V/80A three phase.

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HD-Pro™ Series

TRC's HD-PRO series provide heavy duty ground fault protection for high current, rugged environments.  The HD-PRO series of electrical protection products have been designed with TRC's patented GFCI/ELCI technology and are available with ratings of 120V/30A single phase up to 600V/80A three phase.

All of the HD-PRO's are engineered to trip within 25 milliseconds, after ground fault detection, at trip levels that range from 6mA to 30mA.

The HD-PRO Series employs contactors that are fully rated for motor switching demands and designed to protect expensive high current, high voltage equipment at the point of use while offering substantial shock protection for individuals as well.

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SmartPhase™ Energy

TRC's SmartPhase™ Energy products  consist of 1200W, 120/208/240V 1 phase and 3 phase AC multi-channel micro-parallel inverters and 300W single panel micro inverters for use in commercial, residential and emergency backup solar applications. Robust performance and graceful degradation up to 4 panels per inverter. The SmartPhase™ systems are designed around the concept of easing the ergonomic burden of installation, diagnostics and maintenance.

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Fire Shield®

Fire Shield®

The only cord with built-in fire protection! State-of-the-art electronics in our Fire Shield products detect cord damage and disconnect power in 25/1000 of a second, preventing cord fires.  Every six minutes there is a cord-related fire in the United States.  The special braided shield allows the plug-mounted electronics to continuously monitor for insulation breakdown or broken/frayed conductors.  Standard electrical cords have no means of monitoring for leakage currents and cannot shut off power before these currents can arc and start a fire.  Fire Shield technology is available on extension cords, a variety of surge strips, and is also utilized by many manufacturers of portable room air conditioners.  Protect your family and equipment from the damaging effects of power surges and spikes.

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Surge Guard® RV

Your Recreational Vehicle is at the mercy of the power pedestal, and surge protection alone is not enough protection!  TRC's family of bumper to bumper Surge Guard RV power protection devices are designed to protect your RV's electrical system and sophisticated electronics from the dangers of faulty electrical power.  A variety of Surge Guard products protect your RV from high/low voltage, miswired pedestals, open neutral and surges.  Available in 120V/30A and 240V/50A Portables and Hardwires, 120/240V, 50A Hardwires and Automatic Transfer Switches.

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Cords & Adapters by Surge Guard

Surge Guard's family of products for recreational vehicles now include power supply cords, extension cords and adapters that make any installation easy and safe. For use in campgrounds, motor parks and recreational areas. These cords and adapters are manufactured from durable, weather resistant PVC compounds that withstand a variety of environmental conditions with super flexibility. Power cords and extension cords have Easy-T-Pull handles.

Never struggle with 50 Amp power cords again! Replace stiff 50 Amp cords with RVFLEX50 high-quality, super flexible cords. Stows easily and coils tightly whether warm or cold. Features molded plug end with Easy-T-Pull handle.

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Shoreline Reels®

Shoreline Reels®

Shoreline Reels were originally developed for motor coaches. From the original design we have branched off into the marine, fire/rescue vehicle and industrial markets. Basically, the reels are the same in each market but with different cords and pigtail configurations.

We offer the most compact and cost effective cord and hose management systems in the marketplace. The patented design of the reels incorporates the 12 VDC motor inside the reel hub, conveniently retracting and storing your power cord or hose with a single unit.

Virtually all motor coaches can use the Shoreline Reels. Whether you have 50 amp power service, 30 amp power service, or are looking for a water supply hose reel, the only consideration is what compartment will most conveniently contain the reel.

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Cable Management Systems

Avoiding costly electrical accidents and/or downtime is critical to all businesses.  Cables are the conduits of power, telecommunications and fluids.  Protecting these cables and the people in this environment is of paramount importance.

Unprotected cables are at risk for damage from vehicles and pedestrian traffic.  They also pose a tripping and entanglement hazard for personnel.  All can result in costly repairs and downtime.

TRC's cable management systems, Yellow Jacket and Black Jacket provide a variety of cable protection to meet your specific needs from light weight loads to heavy loads up to 21,000 pounds.  These solutions support all your on the ground requirements.

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Specialty Products

In addition to an extensive line of user attachables, cord sets, adapters, tri-cords, quad boxes and panel mounts, TRC offers the following specialty products: Digital Monitor for accurate testing and monitoring of electrical outlets and systems; GFCI Outlet Tester designed to check the integrity of the wiring for ground fault and standard outlets; and the Drag Strip connector protector that keeps power cords connected safely and securely.

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International Products

The Portable Residual Current Device (PRCD) is a device intended to protect people from electrical shock by interrupting the electrical circuit to a load when a fault current exceeds its rated trip level.  PRCDs are designed for use in International applications.  TRC offers a broad line of residual current/ground fault devices compliant with IEC and NEMA standards, depending upon your country of use.  These include PRCD in-line and plug head user attachables, GFCI user attachables and plug and socket attached products.  IEC Products and CE certified PRCDs are available in 120V to 230V versions with 6-30mA trip levels.

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