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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are answers to common questions. If you have a question that you do not see listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 800-780-4324 x311

You may also Ask a Question online. And we might add your question to this list.

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What is a Fire Shield Extension Cord?

Fire Shield is a next generation extension cord with built-in intelligence to sense cord damage and shut off the power before a fire can start.  No other extension cord has this capability.

Industry statistics indicate there is a cord fire approximately every 6 minutes.  The most frequent causes of such fires are short circuits, overloading, damage, and/or misuse of extension cords.

How does the Fire Shield Safety Extension Cord work?

A special shield surrounds each of the insulated conductors of the Fire Shield Extension Cord.  The shield is continuously monitored by electronics in the plug head.  When a dangerous electrical condition is detected by current leaking to the shield, power is shut off before a fire can start.  Please click here for more information - How Fire Shield® Protects.

Is this different than a grounded conductor and a standard GFCI?

Yes, grounded conductors only provide a path to ground. GFCI’s detect ground faults.  Neither detects the breakdown in the insulation of a standard extension cord, which can lead to an arcing condition that may start a fire.  By utilizing a sensing shield around the insulated Fire Shield conductors combined with intelligent electronics in the plug head, Fire Shield can detect damage in the cord such as series faults (broken and frayed conductors) and parallel faults (insulation damage between the live conductors), and shut off the power before a fire can start.

What are the causes of extension cord fires?

Unintentional misuse of extension cords.  Cords may be crimped, pinched, frayed, overloaded, overheated, or just worn out.  Any of these conditions can lead to an extension cord fire.  Fire Shield can detect any leakage currents from these conditions and shut off power before a fire can occur.

Are items plugged into the Fire Shield Safety Extension Cord protected?

The cord fire protection is a function of the special shield and relates to the Fire Shield extension cord only.

Where would we use Fire Shield in the home?

Anywhere you use standard extension cords or power strips; in children’s rooms, pet areas, with space heaters, electric blankets, waterbeds, etc.  Children and pets have been known to bite or chew electrical cords.  Fire Shield, with its built-in intelligence may provide protection in these circumstances.   Fire Shield Safety Extension Cords should also be used during the holidays with Christmas trees and other holiday decorations because of the tendency to overload extension cords.

How does Fire Shield help protect pets that chew cords?

Because of Fire Shield’s capability to detect current leakage from cord damage, the risk of serious mouth burns, shocks, or even electrocution of pets is reduced.

What about surge protectors?

Standard surge protectors only provide protection against power surges, which is important.  However, standard surge protectors do not provide cord fire prevention.   TRC has recently introduced a next generation line of Fire Shield Surge Protectors that not only protects against power surges, but also provides cord fire prevention.  Please check our website to find the Fire Shield Surge Protector best suited for your requirements.

What about using Fire Shield on a computer?

The Fire Shield technology is also used in our new line of Fire Shield Surge Protectors, as shown in our website’s, www.fireshield.com, “Products” section.

What has been the consumer’s initial response to Fire Shield?

Because people have been looking for a solution to the dangers of ordinary extension cords, the initial feedback has been tremendous.  Fire Shield solves the dangers relating to the unintentional misuse of extension cords.  Fire Shield products are an easy, affordable solution to this problem.

Can Fire Shield be used outdoors?

TRC has both indoor and outdoor Fire Shield Safety Extension Cords.   Please refer to the Fire Shield section of this website to find the Fire Shield product for your particular needs.

Where do I purchase Fire Shield products?

Fire Shield products are available at participating Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, Meijer, Amazon.com, University Bookstores, Follett Bookstores, University Electronics, and many other fine retailers.  Please check with your local store for availability.

Is Fire Shield expensive?

No, it is an “inexpensive solution” providing a lot of safety for your home and family.  Also, there is no installation cost, just plug it into a wall outlet.

Can Fire Shield be used on refrigerators?

Not in the 2-wire version, however, we do have a 3-wire version for use with a 3-wire appliance such as a refrigerator.  Please look on our website under “Products” to find the Fire Shield best suited for your application.

What about using Fire Shield with room air conditioners?

The 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC) mandated cord fire protection (AFCI or LCDI protected cord sets) on all room air conditioners.  Fire Shield technology meets this code requirement.  All room air conditioners built beginning in 2004 (the UL effective date for the change) will have AFCI or LCDI protected cord sets.

Is Fire Shield Technology Patented?


Are Fire Shield Safety Extension Cords UL approved?

Yes, UL and CSA.

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