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With the HD-PRO Series heavy duty, high power ground fault interrupters (GFCIs) you can feel safe around electrical equipment used in wet environments.  Single and three phase models are available for pumps, motors, welders, pressure washers, portable conveyers, hoists, mining tools and a host of high powered machinery.  All HD-PRO models automatically reset after interruption and restoration of power, but will trip on detection of hazardous ground fault conditions.

Available in 120V, 60A to 600V, 100A.

TRC engineered HD-PRO models with an adjustable trip level selector, HD-PRO 6.10.30 and HD-PRO 10.30.50.  This unique design allows the flexibility to select and lock in a trip level of 6, 10 or 30mA, or 10, 30 or 50mA, customizing each model for the specific type of equipment to maximize protection while avoiding unwanted tripping.  For more information on HD-Pro usage, see our HD-Pro™ Application Notes.





ELCI Heavy Duty - High Power

Heavy Duty - High Power

and 240V/30A
Heavy Duty - High Power

120V/60A, 240V/60A
and 380V/60A



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