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Battery Chargers


TRC designs and manufactures 24 Volt battery chargers for use on either military lead acid or sealed gel cell type battery applications.  TRC manufactures both isolated and non-isolated battery charges.  The non-isolated battery chargers are designed to work on mobile power generation equipment and the isolated type are designed to support various military vehicles.  Designed to work in environmental extremes, all battery chargers have built in temperature compensation and thermal overload protection.   In order to maximize charge efficiency and optimize battery life, the output is virtually pure DC.  There is no AC line frequency ripple component to cause unnecessary heating of the battery.  TRC models with selectable change modes have the float voltage set at approximately 2.3V per cell (room temperature) for optimum charging of AGM batteries without fear of out gassing.

Technical Data
  • Temperature compensated charge voltage
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Charges both flooded lead acid and sealed lead acid batteries
  • Ruggedized for high vibration and high shock environments
  • Splash-proof/rain-proof
  • Compact size/high power density
  • Automatic ac line compensation
  • Will not discharge the battery
  • Inrush current limited at startup
  • 50/60/400 Hz operation
  • Charge mode is field selectable
  • Output current limited and short circuit protected
  • Output protected against reverse polarity at power-up
  • LED status indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range
Battery Charger/
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Battery Chargers

Battery Charger

Battery Charging


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