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Sine Wave Inverters


TRC designs and manufactures pure sine wave inverters for use on various military power applications, with models ranging in size from 2.5 to 5kw.  TRC's sine wave inverters are re-connectable from 120Volt AC to 120/240Volt AC 60Hz. and are available in a 400Hz. configuration.  Designed to meet the harshest of environmental conditions, there are over 25,000 TRC inverters currently in use by the DoD throughout the world.  TRC inverters have been tested to the most stringent requirements and are qualified for use on the Army's standard family of generator sets, including models MEP-831 and MEP-832.

29350 - 3kw Power Inverter, 60Hz
29340 - 3kw Power Inverter, 400Hz

Technical Data
  • Mil-Std-461 EMI requirements
  • Mil-Hdbk-633 Mobile Electric Power Characteristics
  • Mil-Std-810 Environmental Conditions
  • Mil-Std-1332 Precise Power Output Requirements
  • Rated output : 120VAC 2 wire - 3kW @ 0.8 Power factor, 120 VAC 3 wire - 3kW @ 0.8 Power factor (1.5kW @ 0.8 pf L1 to N and L2 to N)
  • Voltage adjustment range 114 to 126 volts for 120 volt connection, 228 to 252 volts for 240 volt connection
  • Re-connectable From 120 VAC 2 wire to 120/240 VAC 3 wire via accessible toggle switch
  • Voltage wave form Single frequency harmonics of less than 1%
  • Voltage Balance is 1% rated voltage at rated frequency and no load
  • Built in protection includes: Over current, Short Circuit, Over/Under protection
  • Built in dual element watt transducer

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