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GFCI Outlet Tester


This GFCI outlet tester is designed to check the integrity of the wiring for ground fault and standard outlets.  Tests for proper function of GFCI outlets. Features Power Quality Monitor and Nuisance Trip Test.

Wiring Diagnostics, checks Line Neutral and Ground Wire integrity.  The GFCI tester inspects for proper operation and nuisance tripping with separate tests for a 6mA ground fault and a 3mA ground fault.  The Power Quality Monitor (PQM), identifies excessive voltage drop (approx. 6V) on the branch circuit by measuring the voltage between neutral and ground.

GFCI Outlet Tester Product Sheet




Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
30090 012-6
  • Volts/Amps: 120V/15A
  • Wiring Diagnostics
  • GFCI Tester
  • Power Quality Monitor (PQM)




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