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New Advances in
Efficient Self-aware
Micro Grid Inverter Design

TRC has designed and developed a new class of Solar Energy solutions, the Smart Phase Multi-channel, Micro-parallel system. These systems are designed around the concept of easing the ergonomic burden of installation, diagnostics and maintenance. The inverters mount to either the solar panels or framework, minimizing the impact of NEC article 690 and team composition (see Article 690.6 AC modules).

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Robust Performance and Graceful Degradation up to 4 Panels Per Inverter

  • Powerful and efficient with 1.2kW instantaneous and 1.1kW continuous output power and 96% efficiency
  • Mimics grid or generator waveform
  • Continues to operate with as few as 1 panel and 1 channel
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Field repairable modular design
  • Upgradeable remote software and firmware

Smart Grid Data Collection; Web Based Reporting, Control and Alerts

  • Energy monitor and control unit EMC communicates with the panels via PLCC, and automatically launches its own web site (HTML 1 or 5).
  • Automatic panel map generation for software interface
  • Full feature monitoring and real-time fault identification and alerts at panel/inverter level
  • Fault identification and maintainer alerts via web
  • Secure remote power output throttleing and on/off control
  • Real-time energy yield reporting and monitoring via web-based dashboard

Ergonomic Flexible Installer-Friendly Design

  • Light weight
  • Mounts to solar panel or frame
  • Easy single handed blind mount installation
  • Snap in, snap out replaceable modules, no special tools
  • Quick install Trunk Cable (patent pending) for easy micro-grid integration
  • 120/240V 1 Phase AC
  • 120/208/240V 3 Phase AC. Y or Δ configuration
  • AC inverters eliminate the need for DC combiner boxes
  • Accommodates mixed panel wattage installations through the same inverter
  • Ideal for Rural, Off-grid or Emergency Power Application
  • Overall Dimensions 39" L x 6.5" W x .75" D


All products are field tested at TRC's SmartPhase Advanced Distributed Generation Micro Grid.




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