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30A Entry Level Portable
Surge Protector - Model 67010

Rated 120V, 30A

Perfect for smaller 30A watercraft.

Beware of the pedestal! Inconsistent power at marinas and docks can cause significant damage to your expensive electronic components.  Check out the quality of shoreline power with the Surge Guard Marine Surge Protectors, minimizing potential conditions that can damage equipment.

  • Identifies faulty pedestal power plus offers 2100 Joules of surge protection.
  • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power.
  • Indicators illuminate to show power status.
  • Tests for and indicates:
    • Open ground
    • Open neutral
    • Correct polarity
  • Marine connectors

30A Portable Marine Surge Protector Instructions

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Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
  • 30A, 120V
  • 3600 Watts
  • 2100 Joules
  • Easy Installation




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