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50A Hardwire - Model 40250-RVC 
Automatic Transfer Switch

with Full RV Power Protection

120/240V, 50A, 60 Hz

(This item has been discontinued and replaced with 40350-RVC)

The RVC compatible Surge Guard Plus transfer switch provides premium protection for your motorhome.  This model provides enhanced features over other transfer switches on the market.  The unit continuously measures shore power and will switch to generator power when shore power electrical conditions are beyond limits.  Higher joule ratings, increased contactor ratings and a remote monitor make this unit widely accepted in the marketplace.  Additional features include:

  • RVC Communication allows instant display of voltage, current and fault conditions on an RVC compatible device.
  • Total electrical protection from faulty park power and generator power.
  • Provides the following protection:
    • Multi-mode surge suppression (fuse protected)
    • Low (<95V) and High (>132V) Voltage
    • Mis-wired pedestal
    • Open neutral
    • Open ground
    • Reverse polarity
    • High and low frequency
  • Optional 2-line plain English display (display p/n 40272 & cable p/n 40258) with continuous visual indication of source voltage (L1, L2), load current or diagnostics. LCD technology
  • Transfers to generator power automatically when energized after 30 second delay in generator mode.  When both shore power and generator power are available, generator dominates after a 20-30 second delay.  Once the generator is shut down, shore power activates after a 3-4 second delay.
  • Indicator lights on the front of the ATS indicate the presence of input power for L1 and L2
  • 65A, FLA full-rated contactor mounted on vibration isolators to ensure quiet operation..
  • UL Approved ATS - full transfer switch rating, UL1008.
  • 3350 Joules of power surge protection.

Automatic Transfer Switch 50A Plus Product Sheet

Automatic Transfer Switch 50A Plus Users Manual

Automatic Transfer Switch 50A Plus Troubleshooting Guide




Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
  • Rated 120/240V, 50A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • 3350 Joules
  • Optional Display
  • Cable for Optional Display




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