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30 Amp and 50 Amp
Voltage Regulators

by Surge Guard®

Model 10176 - Rated 120V, 30A

  • For use on single phase, 2-wire services

Model 10175 - Rated 120/240V, 50A

  • For use on split phase, 3-wire services
  • Can be used on 120/208V, 3-wire network


  • 10%Voltage Increase
  • Open Neutral tolerant
  • Heavy duty transformer
  • LED status lights indicate:
    • Open Neutral
    • Under Voltage
    • Over Voltage
    • Phase Reversal
    • Operating Model
    This device does not protect against faults or surges.



  • Continuously monitors line voltage conditions
  • Increases voltage to provide a very stable regulated and reliable source of power to the coach or travel trailer
  • Helps prevent low voltage damage to appliances
  • Fully automatic
  • Optional mounting bracket for inside the RV


NOTE: The TRC Voltage Regulator is not a protective device and the connected RV will not be protected from damage should an open neutral or surge develop during the course of operation. The fault indicator panel is for indication only.

Using the TRC Voltage Regulator in conjunction with a Surge Guard RV power protection product provides the ultimate combination of low voltage and surge protection. The Surge Guard must be plugged in after or down stream of the TRC Voltage Regulator.

A variety of Surge Guard products are available to protect your RV from: High/Low Voltage, Open Neutral, Miswired Pedestals, and Surges.

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Drawings & Measurements & Mounting Bracket Instructions

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